Hello,I don’t know how you did this, but it will help us crazy hosta buying people be able to buy more of our favorites, I used to use Hosta Finder, but it is no longer being updated.Thank you,Mary

Steve’s Response: Mary, thanks for your kind note. Glad you enjoyed the site. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can improve the site so you can have a better experience. This is a labor of love for me and I love to see users as excited about the site as I am. By the way Steve Green’s Hosta Finder was my inspiration for this site.

Is there a hosta named Free Spirit?

Steve’s Response: I am not aware of one. I checked all my past year’s listing as well as other sources of past hosta offerings and don’t see one with that name.

I just wanted to thank whoever runs this site. Absolutely awesome resource! Please let me know if donations or volunteer work is accepted to help support you and your site.

Steve’s Response: THANK YOU. It is nice to receive such a great note. The site is currently a labor of love. I started this when I was looking for unique hostas and had such a hard time finding them. I became aware of Steve Greene’s Hosta Finder publication the last year that he did it. I thought it was such a great help that I thought I could duplicate it using the internet. The biggest help I need is identifying vendors. If you know of any vendors please let me know of their contact information. I have found over 170 vendor websites but I know there are many who do not have websites and only sell locally. I would like at the very least to have them listed so others can find them.

Many years ago I had a hosta named Honeybell or Honnybells that I bought in George but over time it disappeared. It is not listed in your hosta library. Do you know anything about this hosta? It was a fairly large one with solid green leaves, not sure what the shape was. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Steve’s Response: there is a listing for Honeybells. I have 33 vendors who list it as available in 2018. Hope that is what you are looking for.

Hello, I am owner of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, and not sure how it works, but my listing are showing the Great Britian pound symbol instead of the Dollar sign. Can you help?

Steve’s Response: Sorry for the mixup. It has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback

Wondering about being included in the list of Vendors. Fern Creek Gardens is a Wisconsin Licensed Nursery with well over 300 varieties to choose from. Many rare. Many exclusive. See our FaceBook page for some pictures. Thank You, John

Steve’s Response: I have added a link on the vendor list to your facebook page and added you to my vendor location map. If you would like to be included in the search page send me an excel file of your available hostas and I will incorporate it into the database. Thanks

I thoought Savory’s Nursery Went out of Business as of this season

Steve’s Response: There website is uptodate and they have a listing of hosta for 2018